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N&O Previews the Pack

News & Observer's Ethan Hyman

The News & Observer released its N.C. State preview this morning and decided to focus on Tom O'Brien and how he has tried to change the program since he's been in Raleigh.

Nothing earth-shattering but a good write-up from Ken Tysiac. Caulton Tudor wrote a column to go with the package and broke the news that N.C. State needs to keep Russell Wilson healthy and find a replacement for Nate Irving to be successfult his year. Is he serious? Could he not at least try and come up with something a little more original?

I hate to see the N&O waste space on a topic that everyone already knows. I would rather read about how much Willie Young and Toney Baker love how to fish than how important it is for Russell Wilson to stay healthy. I never would have guessed that the Pack will be better if Russell Wilson is on the field all year. Thanks for clearing that up Caulton.

On a more positive note, the season starts in 8 days. Next Thursday can't get here soon enough.


Phillip Rivers gets extension with Chargers

Per ESPN's Len Pasquarelli: Rivers gets extension with Chargers

The San Diego Chargers made a great decision by signing Phillip Rivers to a contract extension today. I'm glad to see perhaps the greatest Wolfpacker ever getting some boost for his bank account. The reported 6-year, $92 million dollar extension, which is rumored to be worth $38-39 million in guaranteed money, will make sure Rivers spends the better part of the next decade on the West Coast.

I had a discussion with my roommate this evening about the Rivers deal and he said he hopes Rivers finishes his career in San Diego. I don't know if that will happen, but I'd sure like to see it. He seems to fit in well and he's a player San Diego can continue to build around, especially after LT and potentially Merriman leave town.

It's always good to see someone from N.C. State succeed, and Rivers is the model of success at this point. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Rivers. Keep it up.


Adrian Wilson gets some press recognition

Former Wolfpacker and current Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson got some positive press Thursday courtesy of SI.com's John Lopez, who named Wilson the most indispensable member of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals never have had an identity, or at least not a positive one. Wilson embodies everything a franchise craves, within and outside the locker room. He leads. He's durable. He's a winner. He shows everyone else the work ethic necessary to succeed. And he's loyal, staying with the Cards despite opportunities to leave until he saw a Super Bowl run happen.

It's not a stretch to say that Wilson is among the most, if not the most important player in Cardinals history. He certainly is the most important since the move to Arizona in 1988.

He is underappreciated outside of Arizona. But imagine the raves and tickets to Canton that already would be punched for him if he had played in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles? Only nine players in NFL history have recorded as many as 20 sacks and 20 interceptions in a career. Wilson will become the 10th in 2009, presuming he stays healthy.

I, for one, am glad to see Adrian getting the credit he deserves for being one of the top safety's in the NFL. And I'm also glad to see that a writer can look past Larry Fitzgerald and others. Obviously Fitzgerald is talented and for many people the best WR in the league, but defense wins championships. It's glad to see a writer with his head screwed on straight. I've gotten too used to the N&O and WRAL clowns.

The article, which makes great points about several players in both the NFC and AFC who the average fan might not necessarily know, is worth the read. It also got me to thinking -- is Adrian Wilson the second best defensive player to come out of N.C. State in the last 20 years? Is he the best? I would assume most people would take Mario Williams, but maybe not. It's great to see that Adrian is playing as well as he has over the last three seasons while also being a great member of the Cardinals off the field.


Thursday Quick Hits

I've been doing lots of reading about the upcoming season and one of my favorite stops is the ACC blog on ESPN.com. Heather Dinich gets on my nerves because from time to time she can be completely ridiculous, but overall it's a good blog. One interesting little piece of information she posted Wednesday is that Russell Wilson is very close to breaking an ACC record. If Wilson can throw 22 more passes without throwing an interception he will break the ACC mark held by Drew Weatherford (seriously?).

Also on Wednesday, Dinich picked Wilson as her "Most Exciting Player" in the ACC.

From the blog:

His ability to keep plays alive and scramble and improvise makes Wilson one of the most exciting players in the conference to watch. Unless, of course, you're watching from a defender's perspective.

And, at least according to TOB, Wilson now knows how to slide.

If Wilson can stay healthy, emphasis on the IF, he could most certainly live up to the "Most Exciting Player" moniker. The UNC and Miami games last season are a perfect testament to the skill he possesses. As for the passing record, I really hope Russell can get to 270. Drew Weatherford does not deserve to hold any ACC passing record -- ever.

On a lighter note, the Winston-Salem Journal published a story this morning about how busy Wilson is because he plays both football and baseball. Aren't they about six months behind on this story? Every newspaper in North Carolina and Virginia who has any interest in N.C. State has written this story twice already. It's really kind of sad how often I've seen in it. But good press is better than by bad press any day of the week. Story